I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
I am part of the Creation and creation is part of me.
Air, fire, water and earth are elements that form my being while the stars guide me and govern my soul.
We do indeed share our chemistry with the stars…

Photographer: RICHARD TURNER


From Ancient Greeks dates the belief that planets are affecting our lives, that an admixture of cosmic qualities is present in our bodies through various compositive elements and that letters and words have esoteric, magical powers that can bring us closer to understanding our sacred origin.

‘Δημιουργία’ (n. gr. ‘Creation’) series explores the concept of individual/self, represented by symbols, having as a starting point the ancient Greek language, with its multiple correlations into alchemy, astrology and astronomy.

This series is a personal interpretation of the Greek alphabet with references to the Greek Kabbalah, Stoicheia and astrology. For almost each letter of the alphabet there is a corresponding planet, thus a corresponding Zodiacal sign and a corresponding individual element: air (the semicircle), fire (the triangle), water (the circle), earth (the square). Each letter that forms the word ‘Demiourgia’ was transformed and simplified into a wearable ring, having the corresponding symbol either in its shape or as an attached bit.

Therefore, Dimiourgia can be perceived as a whole, as the universe-one word meaning Creation, or as ten individual objects each with its own analogy and power, representing ten typologies, ten life lines.

δ – silver and brass

‘Delta’ is the letter corresponding to the sign of Gemini, having its element attached – AIR. Ruled by the planet of Mercury it protects intellectual pursuits, balances the opposites and creates peace and friendship among people.

As a sign, Gemini symbolizes the ambivalent equilibrium of the cosmos, the balance of contemplative and active life and the creative energies of the mind

η – silver and brass

‘Eta’ is the letter for the EARTH sign of Virgo, also having Mercury as a ruler.

Astrologically, Virgo denotes the logical powers of the mind, the ability to unify and negotiate. It also represents a receptive intelligence that accepts the spiritual seed in order to uncover new forms of life and knowledge, and the repression of instinct

μ – silver/ black patination detail

‘Mu’ has correspondences for two AIR signs – Libra and Aquarius.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus- the star of love and harmony and unsettling ambiguity. Libra is a symbol for public and personal harmony, the psychological equilibrium between consciousness and unconscious drives. As a constellation of the equinox, by contrast, it expresses the mediation between physical decline and spiritual growth.

Saturn- the planet of renewal governs the Aquarius – the symbol for man’s striving toward the spiritual level of existence and the connection between microcosm and macrocosm. Generous and hospitable, Aquarius is harmonious in nature, rarely disturbed by the worries of everyday life.

ι – brass and hard wood

‘Iota’ is the letter for the Sun, principle of life and fertility. A FIRE sign, Leo is the house of the Sun. A symbol of power, kingship and justice, Leo also expresses the determination to achieve one’s aspirations, the force and splendour of existence, a generous and lofty spirit, but also ambition and pride.

ο – brass and hard wood

‘Omicron’ stands for the cardinal sign of FIRE, Aries, having Mars as protector.

Aries designates the birth of the Sun (in springtime) and the regenerating energy of the Cosmos; it expresses the creative impulse, courage, and independence, but also unstable, explosive aggression.

υ – brass and lava stone

‘Upsilon’ stands for two WATER signs: Pisces and Scorpio, ruled by Jupiter and Mars.

Protecting Pisces, Jupiter also fosters success and a serene mind.
Scorpio symbolizes the return to the primordial state through a path of suffering and inner torment.

Ρ – brass and hard wood detail

‘Rho’ is the letter for Capricorn, a cardinal EARTH sign, situated in the diurnal house of Saturn, the planet of renewal and rebirth.

Capricorn symbolizes the Sun’s rebirth from death and the season’s darkness. The sign denotes detachment from the body and from matter, perseverance, prudence and a sense of duty.

γ– copper/ black patination

‘Gamma’, the letter for Taurus and its protector Venus , has the corresponding EARTH sign in its shape.

Assimilated to matter, the earth element, and the sensuality of Venus, Taurus symbolizes the uncontrollable eruption of primordial instincts, but also perseverance and patience in the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

ι - copper/ brass/ black patination detail

The second ‘Iota’ with its FIRE element and arrow, is the letter for Sagittarius, governed by the planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius represents the psychic energies stretched to overcome one’s limitations, a yearning for cohesion and synthesis, illumination and self-restraint.

α- copper/ black patination

‘Alpha’ is Moon’s letter – the ruling planet of those born under the Cancer sign, having WATER as their element.

Cancer is the sign of the unconscious, clairvoyance and fertility. Because of its link to the Moon and to water, both changeable principles in a constant state of becoming, this sign makes one restless and hyperemotional, but also capable of future rebirths.

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