”Per · spec · tive – the geometry of life” is a collection that talks about ways of seeing and interpreting things, about the angles of each situation and the way we perceive it.
We have the power to choose and see existence from different points of view, always – we can see the mud but we can also understand that gold is underneath, we can suffer because of a broken piece or we can appreciate its atypical beauty, we can see the glass half empty or half full, we can grieve or we can be grateful – it is all a matter of understanding and presence.

”I think in time i learned to see –
There is no you, there is no me,

There is no future and no past,

There is no body, and no lust.

There`s only now and how you see

This present moment – oh, it flee…

The way you feel it – that`s the key.
It took a while to understand,
Some books to read, some time alone to spend,
There is no secret and no end,
It`s all about Perspective, dear friend.

I see it grey, you see it black,
I see it perfect, you see a crack,
I see a line, you see a dot
I know a truth, for you it`s not.

But even though your truth`s not mine,
It doesn`t mean that one of us is blind.
There`s no such thing as good and bad,
Just try to think and understand,
Perspective – my dear friend
The geometry
Of life.”
(Vika Tonu, 2016)

For this collection Vika Tonu has worked with silver and 24k gold leaf, resin, moonstone and agate.
Photographer: OLTIN DOGARU
Outfits: NOON

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