Double Square Ring


The power of the Square lies in its connection to Sacred Geometry.

The Square symbolises stability, the fixed nature of matter, and strong foundations and order.

Jewellery designs based on rectangular shapes represent stability and create a sense of equality and conformity. The subconscious message you are sending to others is “I know what I am doing. You can trust me. I have the competence and attention to detail.”

Make it double.


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  • – 925 silver / shiny finish
  • –  entirely handmade
  • – standard shipping for Romania
  • –  international next day delivery with DHL Express Worldwide, automatically calculated shipping fee at the check-out



Over time, sterling silver jewellery often develops a patina, a kind of glow with darkened areas. It is not a flaw, but a natural process and a response to being well loved.

To best care for your silver pieces, you can use a soft jewellery polishing cloth or jewellery cleaner. Try not to expose to harsh chemicals or perfumes and consider that make-up and creams can also erode the surface.

Store your VIKA TONU jewellery in an air-tight dry box or pouch, separately from other pieces. Keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.



You are strongly encouraged to check your ring size carefully before placing your order.

The easiest DIY way to determine  ring’s circumference is to measure the relevant finger with a piece of string or paper. Mark the point where the two ends meet and measure the length against a ruler to find the circumference. The diameter of the finger may easily be identified by dividing the circumference with 3.14

You can also use a ring you already have by measuring the inside circumference and following the same procedure as described above.

Please remember that the size of your fingers usually differs from your right to your left hand, so make sure you measure the correct finger.

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