The “NO” Ring


Inspired by the aesthetics of traditional jewellery from the Balearic area, the ring entitled NO highlights the theme of personal space and the role this word plays, especially in a woman’s life.

The NO ring encompasses the idea of personal and cultural boundaries, reminding the wearer of the importance of this word, which nowadays has earned the privilege of being a choice.
‘NO’ is not a selfish statement with a negative connotation only, but actually, one of the most important words one should learn to use. It is the sign that says: “I know myself, I respect myself, my limits begin here.”

While resembling a traditional Ibicenco jewellery piece, the ring has a modern approach with hidden pierced elements and the word NO engraved on the shiny surface. The attached chain with the key symbolizes the idea of liberation from fear and submission.
The ring becomes a reminder of women’s fragility, boundaries and power.

Last size available: 54 (17.2 mm)

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+ 925 silver / shiny finish

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Over time, sterling silver jewelry often develops a patina, a kind of glow with darkened areas. It’s not a flaw but a natural process and a response to being well-loved.

All VIKA TONU pieces come with a soft jewelry polishing cloth that works wonders. It removes any oxidation marks and brings back shine to your favorite silver adornments.

Avoid fully immersing your jewelry in water, including bathing or swimming. Try not to expose it to harsh chemicals or perfumes, and consider that makeup and creams can also erode the surface.

Store your VIKA TONU jewelry in a dry box or pouch, out of direct light and contact with other pieces.



You are strongly encouraged to check your ring size carefully before placing your order.

The easiest DIY way to determine a ring’s circumference is to measure the relevant finger with a piece of string or paper. Mark the point where the two ends meet and measure the length against a ruler to find the circumference. The diameter of the finger may easily be identified by dividing the circumference with 3.14

You can also use a ring you already have by measuring the inside circumference with a ruler, or visit a jewellery store to find out the exact size.

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