Wild Woman Earrings (OUT OF STOCK)


Handwritten WILD WOMAN words cut-out in silver and adorned with detachable chains. These earrings wish to remind you of your untamed, authentic, feminine nature.

The aspect that characterizes a Wild Woman is her independence of thought and action, her unwillingness to “behave” or conform in the face of society’s pressures and presumptions.
The Wild Woman cannot be defined or caged. She is connected to her intuition and emotions, she invites you to express yourself, create, and invent. She calls you to fully experience your body, to feel alive and become aware of your needs. She transforms her trauma into her teacher and can withstand the suffering.

Hand-crafted from recycled silver with great care and attention to detail.

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+ 925 silver / satin finish / detachable chains

+ Dimensions: 1.5 x 6 cm

+ Free Standard Shipping for all orders in Romania

+  DHL Express Delivery for International orders. Cost is automatically calculated at the check-out.



Over time, sterling silver jewelry often develops a patina, a kind of glow with darkened areas. It’s not a flaw but a natural process and a response to being well-loved.

All VIKA TONU pieces come with a soft jewelry polishing cloth that works wonders. It removes any oxidation marks and brings back shine to your favorite silver adornments.

Avoid fully immersing your jewelry in water, including bathing or swimming. Try not to expose it to harsh chemicals or perfumes, and consider that makeup and creams can also erode the surface.

Store your VIKA TONU jewelry in a dry box or pouch, out of direct light and contact with other pieces.

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